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Become a Reseller


Join Us. Be a part of our journey. Become a  RESELLER.


Reseller Program

The Clownfish opportunity is truly unique and flexible. Select your own working hours. No previous work experience is necessary. Devote time to your family or your other interests as you need to, take vacations when you want, and keep on earning based on the hours you work.


Who is eligible?

You can  be a student, a shop owner, a housewife, a distributor or a part timer. You can be anyone. We are looking for people who have the passion to have their own business but do not have funds, have the entrepreneurship skills but does not know the way to move forward, one who are already having a steady income but are also looking at ways to get an extra income, one who is a well established distributor and are looking for more opportunities, one who is retired and need a source of income working from home and many other such people.

If you are one of them then you are welcome to be a part of this program.


How to enroll?

Share your contact details with us and we will contact you in the least possible time. Click here to register Register Button