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About Us


Who We Are?

The terms designer and brand, evoke both, exclusivity and steep pricing in the minds of middle class consumers of contemporary India. Hailing from this middle class register of India, three young men set forth on a venture to relocate the “designer branded good” in daily middle class lifestyle. Their savings became capital for a new venture, an online store which inaugurated itself as “The Clownfish”.

Much like India’s erstwhile craft guilds, The Clownfish’s founders display keen engagement with sourcing materials, treating, hand-crafting and designing these into finished products, namely laptop bags, wallets, travel bags and belts. The Clownfish’s lean workshop and online, no-frills sales model allows us to keep costs low.

We invite our patrons to view and select new, designer and branded items; for, exclusivity is not necessarily wedded to steep pricing……….

Presenting The Clownfish to contemporary India’s significant middle class patron.